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eSkillz Studio

Versus-X games are developed by the revolutionary eSkills Studio specialized in creating high-quality sports games for web3.

What eSkillz brings to the table


All members of the Versus-X team have years, often decades, of experience in their respective fields.

Proven trackrecord

The success, quality, and popularity of the different games our team members have worked on speaks for itself.


Our team can build great games. Sure. But why stop there? eSkillz is on a mission to bring high quality sports games to web3.

Versus-X Founders


Chief executive officer

Dean Baker

20+ years of experience in the industry, Over 10 million units sold. Dean has worked for Code Masters and Evolution Studios on multi-million-selling series, including Colin McRae Rally, ToCA Touring Cars, Music, and WRC Rally.


Chief Technology officer

Chris Banwell

With 30+ years of experience working in the gaming and banking industries, Chris has been employed by some of the world’s biggest banks, including Deutsche Bank, Citibank, NatWest, and Landersbank Saxxon. Chris wrote his first game at age 11.


Chief Development officer

Richard M. Smith

 Senior Programmer at Codemasters (LMA Manager). Lead Programmer at Rebellion (Sniper Elite, Delta Force: Urban Warfare). Game Engine design and development at Red Chain Games – creating FSX Golf Simulator for Foresight Sports.

The Versus-X Team


Chief Operations Officer

Michael Hofbauer

20 years experience in technology, C-level operations management for 15 years.


Chief Financial Officer

Matia Lunardon

20+ years of experience in management consulting and corporate finance.


Chief Marketing Officer

Louie Rice

10+ years of experience in operations management and marketing.


Operations Manager

Olivia Morley

3+ years of experience in Blockchain specializing in Web3 gaming and digital fashion.


Art Director

Mike Green

25+ years of experience in the games industry, helping create art for many well known AAA titles.


Games Director

Josh Gilderdale

8+ years of experience using C# and Unity to develop games, software, and mobile apps.


3D Artist/ Lead Animator

Kevin Rafii

As Lead Animator, Kevin has 3 years of experience as a 3D artist and animator.


Graphic Designer & 2D Artist

Daniel Rivas

3+ years of experience working as a graphic designer and 2D artist.


Community Manager

Adam Razzak

4+ years of community and marketing management within the web3 space.


game tester, QA, tech support

shovelyn obenita

Shovelyn helps the team with QA, testing, and tech support and did marketing research for 2 years.


Unity Game Developer

Fransisco Nazar

4+ years working with C# and Unity to create immersive game experiences.


Unity 2D/3D Artist

Justine Kirsten Lee

Fresh Game Artist graduate, specialized in unity as a 2D/3D artist.

Versus-X Advisors

Our team consists of 17+ team members...


Business Development

Bryson Warsap

founder of multiple projects and experienced web3 advisor.


Platform Strategy

Ryan Horn

Former head of Binance NFT and Web3 project advisor.


Web3 Gaming

Jonny ‘Hustlepedia’

Founder of TTOO and NexusLabs. Web3 project advisor.


Advisor eSports

Oliver Maxfield

eSports advisor and startup founder. ESL executive.

Gaming studios we’ve worked with: